Being Old

I welcomed my 75th birthday, early in 2012, because I felt it settled the question of whether I was yet “old”. The answer was, and is, Yes!

According to the life expectancy table for year 1937, I could then reasonably have expected to live to age 58. I’ve already got a bonus of 17 years.

Upon achieving age 76 on January 7, 2013 I can reasonably expect to live another 10 years, according to this statistical table from the Social Security Administration. In that I changed my residence from the USA to Sweden 10 years ago, to be with Eva, my Swedish wife, I could possibly add a few more years to that expectation.

Now, people I meet don’t have to dance around saying “old” in front of me. I let ’em know, when appropriate, that I am, indeed, old and happy to be so. After all, consider the alternative.


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